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Kogal Panel

LiveJournal's Gyaru Resource

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This is a heavily moderated community with a panel of well-informed gals that are here to answer questions for beginning gals or any curious passerby. Although the name implies it, this is NOT a community just for kogals. Any gyaru or person interested in gyaru-style is welcome and encouraged to join.

Kogal Panel is geared at helping the Western gal community by providing information and answering questions. We are also a place to discuss issues relevant to gyaru and the Western gal community in a mature, informed way.

Our layout was kindly coded by appleleaf. The top graphic and user info banners were made by malignita.

The mods are very kind, but also very stern, so please follow the rules.


1. The following are acceptable posting material:

  • Questions. Got a question about hair and make or the latest trends? Our experienced members are here to help.

  • Reports and tutorials. If you've made or found a great tutorial or have gyaru-related information you'd like to share, please post!

  • Scans and other media, like videos. If you have scans or informative gyaru-related media you'd like to share, please post!

  • Discussion topics. Start a discussion and sound-off your opinions.

2. ALL POSTS are to be friends-only.

3. No excessive use of l33t-speak. Mods and members can best answer your questions or learn from your posts if there is no confusion about what you're trying to say.

4. Discussions about race and gender are welcome, but sexist or racist remarks are strictly prohibited.

5. No criticism is to be posted without suggestions for improvement. For example, if you believe a skirt is not appropriate to the gal style, state why it is not and post an image of a better skirt.

6. Please refrain from posting dark, grainy or low-quality pictures. Again, mods and members can best answer your questions or learn from your posts if there is no confusion about the content of your images.

7. Very large (more than 480px wide) and/or multiple images/media should be placed under an LJ cut.


7. Absolutely NO sales/advertisement posts of any kind, including meet-up/ convention-related posts or promotions for new communities. Posts of this nature will be automatically declined in the moderation queue.

8. NO icon or graphics posts. If you would like to post icons or graphics, please visit our sister community, iconi_gyaru.

AlphaGals – These are the girls that were here from the start, the ones that were invited in the beginning by the moderator to help choose the rest of the panel by hand. Their duty is to find Charisma Commenters to help out the beginning gals, confused gals, or gal-interested that ask questions in the community.

Charisma Commenters – These are the girls that the AlphaGals observed and decided were well-informed and mature enough to be put in a position to help others. They’ve proven that they knew enough by commenting in other gal communities or making posts in other gal communities. They’ve also shown their maturity by answering questions, being polite in comments, and/or having journals with substance.

How the Charisma Commenters are chosen:
An AlphaGal or the Mod “nominates” a gal by posting the person’s livejournal screenname, photograph, and at least three links to comments or posts made by the gal. Then, the AlphaGals vote on whether or not the person should be invited to become a Charisma Commenter. Yes, the Charisma Commenters can be promoted to AlphaGirl level (meaning they have the honor of voting), but only by the Mod.

Members – These are the people that are interested in gal culture or are a part of gal culture. They’ve joined with questions in their mind or the desire to discuss gal lifestyle or what being a gal means to them.



Charisma Commenters

Special Invites


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PLEASE DON'T STEAL MAGAZINE SCANS. You can purchase most gyaru-related magazines from this website:

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Kogal Panel

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Kogal Panel

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Kogal Panel

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