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Curious over Street snaps

The wonderful posts recently from malignita has reminded me of something I've been curious over for a while now. How 'real' are the street snaps that appear in the magazines and books? I remember when I followed fruits fashion and people would say that they were models for the books and taken to locations to appear like they were found on the street. Is this the same for gal street snaps? Or is it more like they pick perfect people they happen to find?
It made me even more curious to see some less perfect people in the earlier posts as it supports the argument that they are real street snaps.

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We aren't really allowed to have longer nails at work. We're only allowed to have it an inch or so above the finger tip so I recently had to cut them and it's killing me.  I'm wondering if there are any cute styles that can be done for shorter nails. I've tried looking some up, but I couldn't really come up with anything...

The usual color and bling doesn't look as cute on short nails =( 
Gyaru - Sparkle Pop

Best way to wear jeans in gyaru?

Okay, so I hope you guys can give me some help with this question as it's been on my mind a while.

I'm a beginner gyaru, but I'm also plus sized, therefore I'm not comfortable with wearing the very short skirts and short shorts. (Any skirts I wear would have to at least to or below the knee) so that mainly leaves me with the option of jeans, and half pants jeans and the like. (However I tend to avoid skinny jeans because I don't like the way they fit on my legs.)

Jeans with flare or wide legs are my best bet. However every time I wear them, my biggest fear is that it looks "too casual" or basically not gal enough. So should I offset the jeans by trying to wear really catchy tops or accessories? Could you guys show me your favorite jean coordinates?

Thanks so much!

Edit: These are the current jeans/capris/bottoms I own to wear with Gyaru. They have the shape I've found to be most flattering to my legs, so bottoms like these are great. ♥
Just scroll past the tops. XD
Lee Soo Hyuk

Dresses and Heels

I pretty much never wear dresses, the only time I do wear dresses is when I'm forced. I've realized while wearing dresses that I don't know how to wear them. I feel uncomfortable in them, I'm used to wearing baggy jeans hehe. Do you guys have any tips to get used to dresses and skirts? Are there any brands or names that make good dresses and casual skirts for a 14 year old? I want to start wearing heels but I have a problem. i have very narrow heels which causes me trouble when I'm trying to walk in heels. They pretty much fall off. Is there a way I can fix this? Is there a type of heel I should wear? Thanks for all the help

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Hello all! 

I've recently become interested in gyaru style. The only problem is that I live on a small fisherman's island. Sitka, Alaska, to be specific. We have only a few types of weather: Wet, Chilly, Windy, Frozen, and Wet and chilly. So if it's possible, I'd like suggestions that won't lead to me freezing to death! ^^ 

We have maybe four actual shops with clothing (mostly for tourists), and a pharmacy and supermarket for make up. All my shopping has to be done through the internet and shipping can be really expensive, so I don't really want to go with the whole trial-and-error thing. What kinds of things do you recommend I try first?

Though my favorite colors are red, blue and black, I also enjoy trying things with wild prints. Boots are essential to my wardrobe. I wear them almost every day. I don't like things being extremely sexy but a bit of hottness is alright. lol.

I'd like to start with things that aren't so bold since the usual fashion around here consists of rainboots, sweat-pants and hoodies. I don't want to suddenly surprise everyone around me.

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Please help me~

I'm searching for pictures, examples for nails because I want to go to a nail salon for my birthday. So I'm searching for examples to show them what I would like to have. I want either nails with leopard pattern or nails with white and glitter stuff. Would be so nice if anyone could post some pics for me...!

Thank you~♥
Lee Soo Hyuk

Style Suggestion

Hi, I just want to say thanks for the help I've gotten so far but I have another question lol. I want to pick a style of gyaru but my concern is being considered too sexy. I'm only 13 so I don't want to look sexy, I want to look cute and good but not sexy.  Is there a style for young gyarus out there or is there a style you would suggest for a young gyaru? Pics of the style would be great too. Thanks so much for the help

magazine release dates

sorry for a very dump question, but I just happen to mix the info

emm, could anyone tell me the exact dates of new monthly issue magazine release dates?

I need to know what day of October new Popteen November, egg November, JELLY November come out?
I need too much stuff next month, so I'm kinda saving, I need to know, xoxo

thaaaanks :)